Sunday, August 13, 2006

books, glorious books!

I loooove the hell out of barnes and noble. As I've blogged before, I could spend days and thousands of dollars in that store. Popped by last night with rugrat before the movie. Picked up a book that I read the first time my senior year of high school: Green Darkness, by Anya Seton (yes, the paperback version -- hard covers are so damned expensive). Somehow the copy I had disappeared over the years of moves as a young adult. I'm going to attempt to read it, even if it is heavy reading and I'm in the middle of a dissertation. I love Seton's works, she pays particular attention to historical accuracy, which I appreciate. Just because it's fiction doesn't mean the author can't be accurate in the telling. If books weren't so expensive, I might have picked up my other favorite by her, Katherine.

I also love Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I have several of his, even a few first edition/first printings that I got on ebay.

I'm also partial to Isabel Allende, and I have a few of hers.

And Sherman Alexie, he's particularly good. I only have one of his right now, I used to have a few, but lost them over the years. I'd love to re-possess a few.

And of course, my favorite US History books, goes without saying.

And I'm still picking up the occasional classic from the past that I've lost over the years.

If I had a house, I'd devote one whole room just to books. I'd have bookcases lining the walls, full of books, and huge comfy chairs to sit in while reading. Good light to read in. But no tv in the book room. Maybe music for background, but I'm not even sure about that.

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

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A Good Knights Journey said...

my dream house is converted from a barn, with silo attached. the silo would have a wide spiral staircase flowing up along the inside of the outerwall of the silo. along the inside edge of the stairs, would be book cases rising the height of a railing, spiraling all the way to the top of the silo. at the top of the silo would be the reading and music room, Big chairs to sit in, a telescope, and nice stereo system for classical and other "reading" music. the whole thing would be topped off by a plexi-glass dome. Now where did I Put those winning lottery numbers.......?