Monday, August 07, 2006

all quiet on the front

I didn't hear from rugrat, so about midnight I called to see if she was gone or coming home. She was still in an 'attitude' frame of mind, so after hearing that she planned to take a taxi home, I hung up. Bf paid for the taxi. I locked the front door so she'd have to wake me up, so I'd know when she got home (2:15 am).

I had removed the electric cord and battery from the laptop, and the little credit-card sized cards that go in the digital cable boxes (no tv without the cards in place), so she wouldn't have internet or tv when she got home.

Still, she was up all night, in and out of her room, not quite slamming the door, but opening and closing it loud enough to keep me awake.

I wound up calling in sick at work, cause I'd literally been up all night with her, the little snot. She did it on purpose.

I am using the cord to the laptop to check email, etc., then it goes right back in my handbag. She will have no internet or tv until she decides to get her act together. And I'm not asking for much, really, in the grand scheme of things: to pick up after herself, help around the house, go to bed at a reasonable hour. That's not so damned much.

I kind of wish that I could make a lot of noise and keep her up all day, but the damned ankle biter sleeps like a freakin' log.

My eyes still burn, I may have to go take a bit of a nap.


WistfulWench said...

I can only offer those sappy words of consolation.... It will get better.

Hope you got some rest and feel better today!

Just some random guy said...

Geez, she hardwired like I was.
Motrin will become your new best friend, and don't give up; she’ll come around, eventually.

Spring said...

wistful, thanks, and sappy or not, I'll take them! This is so much more challenging than I ever thought possible.

random guy, I sure hope so!

mixtrixc said...

You know when it will get better? When she moves out. I get along with my mom famously now (execpt for chasing after her down the street when she's drunk and crazy, but hey, that's another story altogether) but I ran away/got kicked out three times before I actually moved out.

Is she going away for college?

Spring said...

mix, she bloody well better go to college, or I might just strangle her! Seriously, I've been gearing her up for college her whole life, so even if it's a community college, she will live on campus, not at home. It's mandatory, really (for my sanity).