Tuesday, August 01, 2006

25 things

I'd like to do before I die. Resurrected from the other place.

1. Pay off my students loans (although it’s not bloody likely).
2. See grandkids (although not for another 20 years or so…please!).
3. Actually be able to purchase a home (instead of renting).
4. Lose the last 30 pounds and keep them off.
5. Finally conquer my addictions (or at least learn to live with them).
6. Go back into public policy work.
7. Run for a public office.
8. Win the bid for a public office.
9. Travel. A lot. Everywhere. Internationally.
10. Finally become fluent in Spanish.
11. Then learn another foreign language (French?).
12. Be named ambassador to a foreign country.
13. Run the NYC marathon, and end with a respectable time.
14. Finish my memoir (the current one—of the welfare years).
15. Learn how to sail.
16. Go sailing (long term—maybe around the world).
17. Finish the dissertation (ok, that's a joke -- I hope!).
18. Figure out where I come from (genealogically).
19. Take a vacation. A real one. With no kids.
20. Pursue my interests in history and archeology.
21. Actually build a savings account (and don’t spend it).
22. Learn more about farming i.e. growing my own food.
23. Learn to shoot and take care of a gun (various kinds).
24. Find someone. The right someone for me.
25. Die before my kids do (I do not want to outlive my kids).


velvet acid tongue said...

that's an ambitious list. reach for the stars! ack - doesn't the thought of grandkids just sorta trip you out?

Ladyk73 said...

Sailing across the ocean would be scary I think

mixtrixc said...

I'd vote for you

jenny14 said...

Hi Spring

What a GREAT list! Hope you succeeed in all

The only thing I would disagree with is the guns


Spring said...

velvet, yeah, the whole grandkid thing freaks me out, which is why they have instructions NOT to have kids anytime soon, lol.

ladyk, I think so too, I imagine I'd be doing it with company though, so maybe that would make it less scary.

mixtrix, why thank you!

jenny, thanks. The gun thing isn't because I want guns in the house, or to use them regularly or anything like that. I just think it's better to be familiar with firearms and know how to use them in an emergency situation.