Friday, July 21, 2006

mission accomplished

Made it to the library today, and the syllabus is updated for fall semester. Also, I finished checking the nonprofits online for the assignments, and they are updated as well with research/policy issues for the students to choose from. One of the sites was offline for some reason, so I'll check them on Sunday.

That's it, then. I'll get my syllabus to the right staff person so that copies will be ready the first day of class, and I'll dust off my lecture notes the week before classes begin. The benefit to teaching the same class each semester is, of course, that your prep work is so much more doable than with a brand new course. The bulk of the work in the course at this point is reading and commenting on the written assignments. No easy tests with scannable answer sheets for me -- it's all heavy writing in this course. And of course I'm one of those instructors who feels that I owe the student some feedback that will help them to grow as writers and individuals, so I do spend a good deal of time on their work.

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