Monday, July 10, 2006

humbled beyond belief

Someone on the other site said something so incredibly wonderful about me that I am simply in shock. I don't think anyone has ever said anything quite so beautiful before. I think I'll just sit here and bask in the feeling for a bit. And bookmark it to go back and read it again whenever I'm feeling a bit down about myself. What an incredible guy!


Curious_2b_sub said...

GO GIRL!!!!!!!!


Sooooo, yeah, any follow ups on that?!?!

jenny14 said...

Hi Spring

Hope you are well and am delighted something has brightened up your life :)

Do you want to post a link to it or is it too personal?



starlet said...

That is beautiful indeed.

So????? Please tell me that you are going to let him take your eyes out for dinner!!!

Spring said...

No, it wouldn't be 'that way,' he's only four years older than my son, and I have an unfortunate hangup about huge age differences in terms of younger men. But I would certainly consider a dinner out and friendship -- he truly is an incredibly sweet guy.

jenny, the link is in the underlined words, just click on that.

Pooh said...

Amazing! It must feel so incredible to have something so lovely written about you... Enjoy it. You so deserve that and much, much more. :)

jenny14 said...


DOH! Found the LInk - it is beautiful. Have never met you (but hope one day that can change ) but would certainly agree with his comments re your eyes and your intelligence

Knew youwere doing a thesis but not that you had a Ph D - congratulations

Also notice most of the comments here are from ALt people - you have a loyal following


Just some random guy said...

And then ollin115 said to the lovely and intoxicating spring that another friend is always welcomed here. Additionally I would love to take spring and her eyes to dinner one evening.

Spring said...

pooh, yes, it does!

jenny, thank you for your words. I won't actually have the phd unless I finish this darned dissertation, so I guess I need to stop procrastinating, huh!

Spring said...

Well, mr. random guy, welcome to my blog! And, spring and her eyes would all say 'yes' to dinner and friendship. :)