Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Damn damn damn!!! I just re-checked the enrollment for my course, and I'm not at 10 anymore. No, I'm at 28. I fucking hate those full classes! That means a whole shitload of work to do, and I get paid the same as an adjunct with only 5 students. I think there should be a per-student bonus for teaching a graduate level course with 30+ students (which is where it will be by September, that's for sure). I mean I'm a freakin' adjunct, not a full-time instructor with benefits. So many students is going to make my dissertation proposal work very challenging indeed.

On a more positive note, I'm teaching on a different campus this fall, and the two campuses are as different as night and day. I always had to beg for whatever I got, and pursue sources until I reached the right one to get what I needed. But I just got an email from the support staff person on the campus where I'll be teaching in the fall. She had a form for me to complete with my personal information, and told me they were planning an orientation for adjuncts. She also said to call her if I have any questions at all. Too cool!

I still need to update my syllabus. Guess that's the agenda for this Friday.

I need to call the bookstore about the textbooks first thing tomorrow. I ordered when I only had 10 students enrolled.

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