Wednesday, June 21, 2006

you know

You know that feeling
Summer day, sunny, warm

Not too humid, slight breeze
You in a lightweight cotton skirt

Loose enough to dance a bit in the breeze
No stockings, a thong panty
Nearly bare under the skirt

Standing at the corner
Waiting for the light to change
The breeze ruffles the fabric

Drifts up the skirt
Caressing your thighs

Your buttocks
The soft cotton of the skirt

Moving across your skin

And you close your eyes
And stand there
For a moment longer than necessary
Enjoying the moment
The sensations
The freedom


KneelingMN said...

:) Lovely thought!

onehotchic said...

Hey, where did you get that picture of my ass?
HA! I wish!
Glad to hear that you're a bit more optimistic.
Munch next Tuesday, honey.

jenny14 said...

Also glad you're feeling better

Love the images you have conjured up


Spring said...

kneeling, I wish I had those moments more often.

hotchic, lol. Yep, it's a slow climb, but I'm getting there.

jenny, whoo hoo! How nice to see you here! It was a very nice moment, I must say. Come back again soon, ok?