Thursday, June 15, 2006

little bits

It's a good thing I contacted my chair when I did. She had planned to send me a 'what's up' email, and when your chair has to track you down due to your own inactivity, that just doesn't make you look particulary competent.

Luckily, she cut me some slack because of rugrat's issues and approved my new timeline:Last week of June: everything done but the variables section in the methodology

Last week of August:

the variables section, and any edits I want to make to the rest

First week of Sept.:

turn in my final draft of the proposal

Committee reads, makes edits and recommendations, I work on their edits.


Defend proposal

Make any edits necessary and get approval from chair (assuming an 'accept with minor changes' outcome)

Last week of December:

begin data analysis for final dissertation


I also discovered that my third committee member could be outside of academia, as long as he/she has a Ph.D. or DSW in the field of social work. I contacted someone I'd worked with a couple of years ago when I was still doing policy advocacy, thinking she'd be ideal on the committee, but she is short-staffed and working long hours (a hazard in nonprofit work) and cannot commit to anything more in the foreseeable future. So, back to the drawing board. I really need to find a third, but this is the drawback to finding work outside the field. I got great work hours and less stress, but I'm so far removed from my former colleagues in the field that I have no one to approach for the committee.

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