Monday, April 17, 2006

the sky

Fella suggested I take a look at the sky, which promptly reminded of a song from Desree'. It also prompted me to literally step to my windows and snag a photo of the beauty. This shot is one view from my kitchen window, and that's the Hudson River you just barely see. This is what our kitties gaze at through the window, as they lounge on the shelf I built just for them. And yes, the sky did really fade to white as it came to the horizon above the palisades across the river.

Feel So High

Show me your company
Come and tell me who you be
I'll try and take things easy

I'll be loose I'll be carefree
I'm living for tomorrow not today
Gotta make my plans so in case
I'll be prepared when I see you you smiling

(Chorus) 'Cause I feel so high, I'm reaching out for your sky
I've boudless energy too. I feel I could run a million miles
I'm riding on the wheel of fortune, taking me to places far and free
I feel so high when I approach your sky

When I touch your sky, I want my joy to be discreet
Can't seem to to hide the feeling that you knock me from my seat
When I'm talking with my friends, you're the subject every time
I know I bore them but they do it to me sometimes


I've seen you exposed your thoughts are nude
Come on take off your pride baby
You should wash your attittude
I'm sitting here watching you baby
Trying to pretend your cool and calm
Come on now you can tell me baby
Did the gypsy read your palm


I feel so high, when I'm touching your sky baby
I feel so high
I feel so high, when I'm touching your sky baby
I feel so high yeah, yeah
I feel so high, when I'm touching your sky baby
I feel so high


fellahere said...

Spring! That view! Are you serious?

Ah, that cats have it right. Sit with them and they will nurture part of your spirit. Ahhh.

Seriously!! I never knew you had that view. It's gorgeous. Is that called palisades, those hills on the other side of the hudson?

Spring said...

Well, with that stupid shelf for the kits, it's hard to see the view anymore, lol. And the only reason we can see it is cause we're on the top (3rd) floor apt. And yes, those are the palisades. I'm looking from the east side of the river to the west.

A bit of trivia: the palisades go from right about Tarrytown in Westchester county down to the GW bridge. I think it was Rockefeller who donated land to the city that the Met Museum built their Cloisters museum on (it houses most of their medieval collection).

Anyway, one of the reasons Rockefeller donated that particular bit of land was cause he thought that everyone should have that beautiful view of the palisades across the river. So nothing tall can be built on that site. The museum overlooks the river and the palisades across the river.

I need to dig up my photos of the palisades taken from the Cloisters. They are quite magnificant.

Spring said...

Oh, and when the trees are green and full in the summer, we can't see a darned thing -- not the river, not the palisades.