Friday, March 10, 2006


It's late, almost 11.
Dishes done
floors cleaned, vaccuumed
all the rugrat's odds and ends picked up and in her room
litter box freshly scrubbed
laundry almost done

beautiful sun today
spring breeze
windows opened wide
the smell of fresh, clean air
mingles with the scent
of candles, incense, and fragrant sprays
throughout the little place we call home

soon I'll slip into a bubble bath
scented with a hint of vanilla
a beer to sip as I soak
pampered with a manicure
facial masque
perhaps a complete shave
but perhaps saving that till tomorrow
so there will be no hint of stubblies
when the domly one visits
nothing but the smoothness of
freshly shaved skin
then soothed with moisturizer
also with a hint of vanilla

i'll slide into freshly laundered satin sheets
lay my head down on the satin pillowcase
still with the faint smell of fabric softener
and sleep

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