Monday, February 27, 2006

the adventures of butthead and teddy bear

Conversation with rugrat and unofficial boyfriend, in car, the other day:

Her: mom, can you put this cd in?
Her: ** doesn't like this music, he likes rock.
Her: but we're not listening to rock.
Me: Well let him look at my cd's and see if he likes anything.
Her: No, he doesn't need to.
Me: That's rude, let him look.
Her: OK, he can look, but even if he likes something, he's not listening to it.
Him: *didn't say a word*


Conversation with rugrat last night, unofficial boyfriend in her room, us in living room:

Her: mom, what would I use to get dirt from under **'s fingernails?
Me: Well, I'd probably use the end of an orange stick, but we don't have any.
Me: Use the fingernail brush in the bathroom; if he scrubs and uses lots of soap, it should get his nails clean. Long as he hasn't been working on cars.
Her: *eye roll*
Her: *tongue click*
Her: mom, that's not gonna work, he won't be able to do it. He's a guy, they're stupid.


I sometimes wonder if this child was switched at birth.


Frank said...

I love this post.....aren't kids cool!!!

PS: Cool in a nerdy adult way *wink*

Deepblue said...

Haha! Just shows that you have been successful in shielding her from some of the BS you had to go through as a teen... Yay you!!! Tricky part is always how to have them get some semblance of what they DIDN'T have to go through...