Tuesday, January 24, 2006

sights and sounds of the city

Walked out the front door this morning to the sharp, acrid smell of skunk. Permeated the neighborhood, carried almost all the way down to the train station. Funny, I came from the evergreen state (Washington), and never had to contend with wildlife other than dodging the deer and elk on the highways out of town. But I move to New York, a mere 12 miles from the city, and wind up with skunks in the flowerbeds, raccoons in the garbage, and deer in the neighbors' back yards.

The smell of overly perfumed women and cologned men, when you are trapped on a train car with them. The fear of an asthma attack due to the selfish whims of people getting ready in the morning. The smell of the heavy smoker who sat down next to me. I had to get up and move to the door, away from the stink of old cigarettes. Dyckman crips, spray painted on the Metro North ticket machine at the university heights station. Yep, had to go to NY for this one, too.

Nick's Live Poultry, reads the sign over the hole-in-the-wall store right next to the car dealership. Vivero. Poultry must come in first thing in the morning, cause as I'm walking by just before 9, they are always hosing the poo off the sidewalk. So I get to dodge poo and ice cold water spray. You can hear the sounds of the poultry inside through the open door, it sounds like thousands. I won't describe the smell, as I haven't had breakfast yet.

Last sight of the morning -- me, tripping over a crack in the pavement, waving my arms to stay upright. I'll just have to hope I never run into any of those students again.


fellahere said...

Oof. very picturesque, raw, rank.
nice picture you have there on this post, I like it.

Frank said...

Oh Spring, you're really taking me home with this post!

I mentioned in my response to your previous post remembering the smell of the market, but I had forgotten the sounds.....I remember now.

Might have to check out the old neighborhood the next time I'm in the area. I don't recall much....and the Bronx is NOT a good place to be lost in....but I think if I keep to Fordham and Arthur I should manage. Again, thanks for the memories.


PS: Deer in Yonkers??

Spring said...

fellahere, I wanted to find a photo of the one I walk by, but couldn't. I might have to take my camera with me one day and photograph the sights.

Spring said...

frank, no, you don't want to get lost in the bronx, but I'm finding my way around more and more each day. And yes, you can't go wrong sticking to fordham road and arthur avenue. They are safe, active, and fun. (My dinner date friday night will be on arthur ave!)

Yep, deer in yonkers. I live across the street from a wooded park, which is connected to a nature preserve. We get all kinds of animals!

Frank said...

Oh yeah, I hope he's taking you to Dominics (if it's still there) My father always called it the best Italian restaraunt in the city....though I was always partial to Pugilias on Mulberry. Enjoy.

Spring said...

Frank, a little tiny place called Emilia's. I've had lunch there with work once or twice, the food is great!

Cassandra said...

Well New York City is like someone shrank the entire planet in the laundry....

That's why I live nearby! I love it! Well! Usually I love it!

Spring said...

cassandra, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!