Monday, October 10, 2005

100 things about me

1. I’m the middle child. I have two brothers.
2. I have three fathers.
3. I’ve never been married.
4. I had my first child at 19. I had my second (and last) child at 30.
5. So when my youngest hits 18, I’ll have been a single mom for 29 years.
6. I was in two video documentaries, one about service-learning, one about welfare reform.
7. I loooooove old books. I mean books printed over a hundred years ago
8. My only international travel (other than Canada and Tijuana) is to Ecuador.
9. I presented at a conference in Ecuador.
10. I can’t wait to be single with no dependents, so I can travel internationally.
11. I’ve met Hilary Clinton.
12. And Sen. Paul Wellstone, before we lost him in a plane crash.
13. I’ve met Peter Edelman, husband to Marian Wright Edelman.
14. I’ve met Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickle and Dimed: On not getting by in America.
15. I’ve testified before a Senate committee.
16. I’ve talked on the phone with Sen. Chuck Schumer.
17. I’ve talked with several NYS senators and congress persons.
18. I’ve spoken before media, at a podium full of microphones, in front of the US Capital Building.
19. I’ve done press conferences at the capital building in Albany.
20. Eating vegetables is a hard limit.
21. Cutting my hair is a hard limit.
22. My hair has been grey since my mid-20’s.
23. I was a blonde in my late teens/early 20’s.
24. I lost my virginity at age 12 (not in a good way).
25. I had my first orgasm in my mid-20s.
26. I hate to cook, except for special occasions.
27. My favorite food is pizza.
28. Ditto whoppers and onion rings.
29. Ditto chocolate.
30. Ditto Mexican food, especially carne asada.
31. My favorite beer is Corona (even though it’s the bottom of the line in Mexico) with lime.
32. I once had to go without food to feed my son, and weighed less than 100 pounds at 5’5”.
33. Because of #32, the emergency room doc labeled me officially “undernourished.”
34. I’ve had pleurisy. I’ve had viral encephalitis.
35. I’ve had two c-sections.
36. I have a major body issue because of the c-section scars and stretch marks.
37. I started college when I was 30; my daughter was 3 months, my son 11 years.
38. I got my bachelor’s degree in three years.
39. I’m terrified of not finishing my dissertation.
40. I’m terrified of finishing my dissertation and then not finding a job.
41. I have $150,000 in student loan debt that I’ll never be able to pay back.
42. I have no self-control when it comes to spending; I’ll pay the bills, but spend what’s left, leaving nothing in savings.
43. I only just started a retirement account last fall through work.
44. I’ve filed bankruptcy twice in my life, due to medical expenses.
45. I’ve gone from weighing 100 pounds at 18, to 160 when pregnant at 19, back to 110 till my mid-30’s, ballooned to 212, and have lost much of it over this last year.
46. I still have 25 pounds to lose.
47. I need major dental work and can't afford it.
48. I am an agnostic.
49. Due to #35, I'd love to have a tummy tuck.
50. And laser eye surgery, just cause I can't see. My left eye is -9.0, right is -10.5.
51. Despite wearing contac lenses (one toric), I still have to wear reading glasses.
52. I do NOT IM.
53. In my poorer days, I’ve been a janitor, a motel maid, a sales clerk, worked in a fast food joint.
54. I lean strongly toward democratic socialism.
55. I despise SUV's and Hummers. And anything that uses up our fossil fuels at great rates.
56. I've been trying for years to write a memoir of my life during the welfare/poverty years.
57. Worked graveyard in a 24 hour gas/mart for two weekends, and never came back.
58. I love Mexican bailes.
59. I was a madrina (godmother) for a quinceanera.
60. I like mariachi music. And cumbias.
61. And irish folk music.
62. And most traditional music from around the world.
63. I’ve never slept through the night, as long as I can remember.
64. I have a seriously deviated septum, and can’t breathe well through my nose.
65. Which means being gagged would be a serious challenge.
66. I absolutely swoon over bondage/restraints.
67. And blindfolds.
68. I love really old books. I have a few from the late 1800's, but the really old ones I can't afford.
69. I make very poor choices when I drink.
70. My waist used to be so tiny I used bandannas for belts.
71. I’m a size 12 now, down from an 18W; I’d be happier in a 10; ecstatic in an 8.
72. I wear black and dark grey nail polish on my toes.
73. I’m a major US history freak.
74. Since having viral encephalitis, I suffer from severe motion sickness.
75. I’ve never lived with anyone in my adult life (cept the rug rats).
76. I’ve never spent the entire night/actually slept with a man.
77. I'm really, really, really not ready to become a grandma; my son and his wife have strict orders not to procreate just yet.
78. I’m absolutely terrified of flying, and do so only when I really have to.
79. I’m afraid of intimacy.
80. And yet I crave intimacy.
81. I love scents, and am always burning candles or incense.
82. I hate overpowering scents, though, and can even have an asthmatic reaction to too much scent.
83. I don’t cry.
84. I laugh when I’m in pain.
85. I love physical pain -- the good kind.
86. I could never choose a favorite movie, song, music group, music genre; I like so many.
87. I’ve been so drunk that I can’t remember anything that happened (a very long time ago).
88. I’ve driven drunk (again, a very long time ago).
89. I smoked pot throughout jr. high and high school.
90. I was a speed freak my junior year of high school.
91. I love psychological thrillers, but I can always figure out who did it very early in the movie.
92. I hate blood and guts horror movies.
93. I discovered a few months ago, at the swing club, that there really is such a thing as too big. For me, anyway.
94. I love feeling things physically.
95. I hate most holidays, except for the fact that I don’t have to go to work.
96. I’m afraid of the dark and sleep with a light on somewhere.
97. I am so not a morning person.
98. Root beer. Not coke, pepsi, 7 up, sprite. Root beer.
99. I’m a shoe and clothes horse.
100. I love to go for long drives, windows open, wind in my hair, and turn the cd player up as loud as possible.

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