Wednesday, November 02, 2005

they looked way too young to be there

Popped into the local taco bell at lunch, and the four employees were all clearly teens. As in high school age. And here it was, middle of the day. As in school time.

Could have been in a school-to-work program, working some days and in classes others. Or work during the day, and class at night. But somehow, I did't get that impression. And it saddened me to see kids with so few options. I should note that the local high school is one of the worst academically, and most dangerous, in the city.

Then I walked back onto campus, and wound up strolling behind a group of freshmen girls. god they're young. And childish. And immature. And mean, and cruel, and nasty toward others. I wasn't impressed at all.

And it struck me that those hard working high school kids would be serving these mean spirited, spoiled college kids for the next four years.

And it struck me that a college education is often wasted on the wealthy and unworthy.

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