Friday, November 11, 2005

shiny happy people holding hands

I like that song. It's been going through my mind all day.

A good day, despite some challenges.

I've turned over a new leaf.

No more moody.

ok, we all know moody ain't going away.

But she's gone today.

I took a vacation day, and went to the library to work on the dissertation.

It's still a challenge. I can't seem to stay focused for more than a few minutes, and I'm constantly trying to bring myself back. I think I'm just too burned out. But there's nothing I can do about that. I just have to keep coming back at it, over and over again, till it's done.

I'm taking care of my food addiction. I went shopping, and I didn't even get a pizza. I bought things to cook, like real food. Tonight I made fettucini, salad, and garlic bread. Ok, I didn't make the bread, I bought it buttered and garlicked. But I put it in the broiler. And I bought the lettuce in a bag already cut up. But I chopped tomatoes to go on top. And I put the butter, cream, and shredded parmesan on the pasta for the fettucini. But I used margarine, skim milk, and grated low fat parmesan instead. But it was good. Even the rugrat raved. Of course, that might have been raving over the novelty of me cooking. And we ate fruit for dessert!

I have no candy, soda, or munchies in the house.

I'm going to cook on weekends from now on.

I have to go back to the library all day tomorrow, too. I'm just too far behind not to.

But I'll be home to cook dinner. The rugrat wants stuffing. Too many thanksgiving tv commercials. So I'll make chicken and stuffing. And she wants mashed potatoes. I told her sure, if she helps chop the papas.

No date this weekend. Which sucks. But I'll live.

Mood: Pretty content for once!

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