Monday, October 17, 2005

Hey--I'm the COOL mom!!!

There I was, spending my Friday night chauffering my daughter and her friends around.

When I picked her up late that night, and dropped her friends off, I asked her: just why in the hell do you always call me? Can't the other parents drive sometimes?

Cause you're the cool mom, she says. My friends all like you, and think you're cute and you dress nice. They think you're cool cause you go to clubs in the city (if they only knew **wicked giggle**).

And you don't yell at us for what we did. And you understand boy shit. And you don't embarrass me too much. Whooo hooo! I don't embarrass her too much! And I'm the COOL MOM!!!

Ummmmm...unless the other parents don't wanna drive, and she's just sucking up???

No...couldn't be. Could it??

I'm in the mood for: chocolate cheesecake. Unfortunately, I only packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and iced tea for lunch.

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